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Stands, tables, times



Pick out a stand!

All our stand areas are at least 2,7 m² in size. There is also always a table and optionally up to two chairs. You can also get more chairs on request, but no further tables. From the latter you can get more on request, too.

As long as you follow our GTC, you may do on your stand pretty much whatever you want. Whether you want to bring another table, build up boltless shelves or set up a few dividing walls – all this you can do without further consultation with us.



The tables on the stands have different sizes.

  • 1,20m x 0,80m: stands 2 – 15 and 27 – 41 and 47 – 73
  • 1,20m x 0,75m: stands 22 – 26 and 42 – 46
  • 1,50m x 0,70m: stands 1 and 16 – 21


Different assembly and dismantling times

For a fast and smooth procedure, the assembly and dismantling times for the booths are staggered.


  • 12.15 pm
  • 12.45 pm
  • 1.15 pm


  • from 7 pm