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Try Japanese games! Besides to the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game, you can also play other Japan-related games. For this we have a Discord server all-year, where you can arrange to play together. You will also find the rules for all games there.



You can play:

Among Us – PC or Smartphone **


Koi Koi

Machi Koro

Pokémon Sword & SchieldNintendo Switch

Shogi *

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links – PC or Smartphone **


* Because it’s a bit hidden, you need to click on “My Page” at the top right to register.

** You can download the game for free for your phone on Google Play, the App Store and on Steam for PC.



Among Us (CET, UTC +1 = time zone of Germany)

We will be playing with you at the Online Anime Flea Market 2022 on the first Saturday Among Us. We start at two times and play as long as we feel like. We will start on …

  • 29. January 2022
    • 3.00 pm – Helpers demonstrate games and explain them.
    • 6.15 pm – Compete against our helpers!



Gaming competition

Pokémon tournament


Registration gaming competition