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Here we will little by little publish all information about our menu for the upcoming Anime Flea Market in the coming weeks.





Rainbow Cake ~~~ cake with cherries, gooseberries and pudding




Chocolate hazelnut cake ~~~ gluten-free, very chocolatey cake




Blueberry cheese cake ~~~ a cheese cake with a special color




Pan ~ allocated by Kame – Japanese café & bakery



Melon Pan ~~~ a very sweet roll with the model of a melon




Matcha Melon Pan ~~~ a Melon Pan with green tea




An Pan ~~~ with red bean paste filled, sweet roll




Creme Pan ~~~~~ with vanilla cream filled roll




Vegetable Curry Pan ~~~~~ fryed roll filled with vegetable and curry




Beef Curry Pan ~~~~~ fryed roll filled with beef






red bean paste ~~~ sweet filling




matcha ~~~ filled with green tea




pandan coconut ~~~ with coconut and an Asian plant




sesame ~~~ sesame inside and outside




peanut ~~~ filled with peanut cream




plum ~~~ a filling consisting of plum




pomelo ~~~ sweet citrus filling




passion fruit ~~~ with passion fruit




durian ~~~ fruity intensiv filling






Takoyaki ~~~ filled with octopus




Butanikuyaki ~~~ filled with pork and Chinese cabbage




Tomorokoshiyaki ~~~ filled with corn and cheese




Ninjinyaki ~~~ filled with Chinese cabbage and corn







Maki Sake ~~~ cured salmon




Maki Sake Avocado ~~~ cured salmon and avocado




Maki Avocado ~~~ avocado




Maki Kappa ~~~~~ cucumber and cream cheese




Maki Tekka Negi ~~~~~ cooked tuna, Jap. , jap. mayonnaise and green onion







green tea ~~~ der traditionelle Tee Japans




jasmine tea ~~~ green tea with the aroma of jasmine blossom




lemon tea ~~~ tea of a citrus fruit





  • non-carbonated water
  • lychee juice
  • orange juice
  • apple spritzer