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Here you can see the menu for the Anime Flea Market 2023.



Rainbow Cake ~~~ cake with cherries, gooseberries and pudding




Hot Dogs


Classic ~~~ with pickled gherkins and fried onions

Classic Cheese ~~~ with pickled gherkins, fried onions and cheese

Chili Cheese ~~~ with cheese and chili

Paprika ~~~ with paprika and cheese

Vegan Classic ~~~ vegan sausage, with pickled gherkins and fried onions

Vegan Chili ~~~ vegan sausage, with chili

Vegan Paprika ~~~ vegan sausage, with paprika

Traditional ~~~ just a sausage or vegan sausage with a roll



green tea ~~~ the traditional tea of Japan

jasmine tea ~~~ green tea with the aroma of jasmine blossom

hibiscus-pineapple ~~~ trooibos tea with hibiscus and pineapple



non-carbonated water

orange juice

mango juice

quince juice