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Scavenger hunt



There are rumours the Anime Flea Market has been infiltrated by dark figures and that they have set up a secret black market in the shadows of the Anime Flea Market. But where is it?

We as the team of the Anime Flea Market received an anonymous hint about alleged suspicious activities in the second half of December 2020 on our Twitter account. Of course we investigated the matter, but we couldn’t detect a black market or anything else unusual. We therefore assume that these rumours are not true.

Anyway, here we go to the scavenger hunt and as a price beckons a big manga package from Egmont Manga (every manga in German). Have fun and good luck!


The scavenger hunt runs freom 12.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. .

CET, UTC +1 = time zone of Germany



Closing date for entries is 16 January 2021, 7 p.m. (CET, UTC +1 = time zone of Germany). If you have won, we will notify you by e-mail and ask for your address. If the winner does not contact us within three days, we will re-raffle away the package of suprise. All other participants will not receive an e-mail from us. The right to take legal action is excluded.

For reasons of protection of children and young people, you must be at least 16 years old in order to participate alone and independently. If you are younger, please involve your parents, puzzle with them together and then send a solution together.


Data protection

  1. From our team, only the persons have access to personal data, which need this data due to organizational purposes.
  2. We only save your personal data for as long as we need them or as long as we have to by law.
  3. Personal data will only be passed on to third parties if we are obliged to do so based on legal obligations or official or judicial orders.
  4. We do not sell, trade or commercialize personal data.


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