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General rules for visitors

  • During our event, we, our cooperation partners and press representatives make photos and videos, which we later use for advertising purposes, press reports and other reports. We, our cooperation partners and press representatives reserve the right to use these photos and videos for all forms of advertising and reports. Wir und unsere Kooperationspartner behalten uns das Recht vor, diese Fotos uns Videos für alle Werbeformen zu nutzen. If you enter the Anime Flea Market, you give us the consent to use photos and video footage of you for this.
  • There is a strict ban of alcohol on the Anime Flea Market. In addition, we reserve the right to refuse access to drunk people.
  • There is a strict smoking ban in the entire house. Also it is not allowed to smoke before the entrances (to the building and the plot).
  • You can wear a cosplay at the anime flea market. But make sure that they are not too bulky. If necessary, you have to hand over the corresponding things to our free wardrobe. Forbidden are:
    • hoop skirts with a diameter larger than 1,20m
    • wings with a wingspan larger than 1,00m
    • real firearms, gas pistols, paintball guns, airsoft guns, etc. and ammunition for these weapons
    • weapon replicas & other props larger than 1,00m
    • real baton, stabbing & throwing weapons, etc. no matter whether with blunt or sharp blade (swords, knives, axes, throwing stars, arrows, etc.)
  • It is forbidden to bring animals of any kind to the event. Exempt from this rule are only service animals (guide dogs, diabetic alert dogs, etc.).
  • Children and teenager under an age of 14 have to leave the event at 10 p.m. because of the german law (protection of minor). You can stay longer if an adult guardian (18 years or older) accompanies you.
  • Our Anime Flea Market is basically also suitable for children. However, we do not allow you to enter the Anime Flea Market with a pram. Please also have in mind, that we are an event with several hundred visitors. It is often very crowded and also a bit louder, which small children do not necessarily like. Please do not expose your children to unnecessary stress and leave the event with them, if it become too much for them.