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Rainbow Cake



レインボーケーキへようこそ! ~ Welcome to the Rainbow Cake!

A special highlight of our Anime Flea Market is the maid & butler café. Take a break and let our pretty maids and butlers coddle you with delicious food.


Maids & Butler
Become a maid or butler yourself?


Menu – available from about April 2023

Crêpes Menu – available from about April 2023

Coffee Menu – available from about April 2023



Colorful and sweet

In addition to various pastries, such as the name-giving Rainbow Cake, the café also offers a very wide selection of crepes and many different coffee variations with different aroma. Whether you like it rather sweet or fruity, colorful or simple, there is something for every taste. You also have the opportunity to ponder about your own creations and let them put together directly on site.




Also Savory food

Not only sweets and desserts are on the menu of the Rainbow Cake. Among other things, there is a small selection of savoury dishes. Sushi, Curry Pan and other well-known food from Japan can also be tasted.



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