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Of course, you can also win prizes in our gaming competition. You get something when you reach the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in a game.



1. Places get



2. Places get

  • 2x 10% coupon of Tavato
  • all runners-up will also take part in the raffle for a Go board with pieces from Hebsacker Verlag (there are 2 boards to win in total)



3. Places get



1. wish, 2. wish, 3. wish

We will ask you which of the five games of Kosmos or if you would like to have the Yu-Gi-Oh! card folder and card box. You can then specify a first, second and third wish.

We always try to fulfill the first wish. However, if several people have specified the same as their first wish, we will draw. For those who lose in the draw, we will try to fulfill the second wish. Etc.