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Solution for the scavenger hunt 2021



The following solution applies to both the German and English versions of the scavenger hunt, even if we only show screenshots of the German variant below. We have only included websites that can be used there without any respective account.



1st Riddle – Secret messages

The first hint you could find in the description text of the scavenger hunt itself. On our Twitter account secret messages were posted. On 15th, on 22nd and on 29th December 2020, the link (the-way-to the-black market) appeared in the pictures, if you put it together suitable.



2nd Riddle – Missing date

On the listed dates Anime Flea Markets were held. But on date was missing: the 3rd June 2016 (03.06.2016). On that day we had organized a very small TCG flea market. You could find the solution on our website at Did you know? –> Past Anime Flea Markets .



3rd Riddle – The poem & Akari’s brother

A seemingly blank page that hides a text that becomes visible only when you marked it. What at first seemed like a poem were in fact manga titles, all of which were published by Egmont Manga. While four were Shounen-Ai manga, Chaika: The Coffin Princess was allocated to a different genre. If you searched the net for the manga, and read a description, you would get to know the brother’s name.



4th Riddle – Spelling mistake

Couldn’t you find a spelling mistake in the text? Well, it was also hidden in another place. If you corrected the mistake, you got on.



5th Riddle – Cappuccino

Here was searched for a drink from the coffee menu of Rainbow Cake.



6th Riddle – The wrong language

At that point you could only see a blank site. By adjusting the other language via the language setting of our website, you were able to make the next hint visible.



7th Riddle – Hided behind the picture

On the left, the profile picture of our Twitter account overlaped the header image. Right there was a secret link hidden, which you could only see if you clicked on the header image and thereby enlarged it. It led to our profile on Animexx.



8th Riddle – Two hints

At the point you had to searched. Two hints were hidden on our animexx profile simultaneously. The first was the fifth profile picture. You could find the second by clicking on the tab with the three dots directly below the pictures.

The password:
Our gaming area offers great Japanese board and card games every year. At our online event on 16 January 2021, of course, they were not to be missed. One thing was missing in the list and you could found out which about our program description.

The site:
Who doesn’t immediately think of Case Closed when a detective is mentioned? But what did the six terms mean? – You came to the puzzle’s solution by searching the internet for the German volumes of Case Closed, eg on the website of Egmont Manga. The covers of the volumes, 98, 92 and 80 told you what the terms stand for and led you to the missing numbers of the given internet address.



The black market

The goal has now been reached – the black market. There you could took part in the raffle for the manga package of Egmont Manga.

Of course, it is part of every black market that you can buy some not so quite legal stuff there. So you had the opportunity to buy there two things that the black market team had stolen from the stock of the Anime Flea Market and which were therefore not available in our normal online shop.