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Buy from abroad



When you buy things from abroad, you it can happen that you have to pay customs and taxes on top of it. How high these costs are and what the process you can find on the websites of the customs office of their respective country. For you as a seller, only one thing is important: you have to supply the right documents when shipping abroad.


Please keep in mind here, that we, as the Anime Flea Market team and the Anime Flea Market itself, are from Germany. Accordingly, we have written this here from a German point of view, with regard to laws and regulations applicable to Germany.  The things listed here are probably handled very similarly in many countries. However, we would like to ask you to inquire the customs office of your respective country to be sure.



Process (example Germany)

When the ordered stuff comes directly to your home, you’ve been lucky and you’ll get around extra costs. This is the case, among other things, when something is sent within a customs union (eg European Customs Union). If not, customs will keep your package and you will receive a letter from them. With this you’ll be asked to pick up the package at customs. On site, they then open the package in your presence and ask you to provide a corresponding receipt for the purchase (eg an invoice). Afterwards you’ll pay customs duties and import sales taxes and then the matter is already done.


Ordinarily for Germany is valid:

  • total price* 0 -150 € = duty-free, but import sales taxes arises
  • total price over 150 € = costums duty and import sales taxes arise

* total price = sale price + forwarding costs

² largely corresponds to the turnover tax


Very simplified:

According to our personal experience, you can always expect about 25% additional costs when ordering from abroad.