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Information for sellers




Sell in our online shop!

In our online shop you can place up to 100 different articles. To do this, you must first register at us as a person and then your your belongings you want to sell. We charge a fee (contribution towards expenses) of 1.50 € per 10 articles. As soon as we have placed everything in our online shop, we will send you screenshots and you can check everything again.

You might join the Anime Flea Market, regardless of which country you come from. We offer our entire website and also the online shop in German and English. Please keep in mind, however, that the majority of our visitors / participants come from the German-speaking countries.

Once someone has ordered your item, it will automatically disappear from the online shop. Shortly afterwards, you will receive an e-mail from us with wich we inform you about the order and pass on the buyer’s postal address and e-mail address to you. In return, he / she will only receive your email address. So you can discuss the details with each other.

Please keep in mind, that you have to be at least 18 years old on the day starting the event on 16 January 2021, if you want to join the Anime Flea Market as a seller.


Pay heed to sales contracts

The moment a buyer orders an article in the online shop, a sales contract between buyer and seller is created. This means by sending the order the buyer undertakes to give / send the corresponding amount of money to the seller. For the seller, in turn, this creates the contractual commitment to hand over the ordered article to the buyer. Therefore, the article/s have to be compellingly available and may not be offered for sale on any other platform during the existence of the online shop from 16 to 31 January 2021.



Period of registration

If you want to register eg 100 items for sale with us, we can not start to register them in our shop two weeks before the Anime Flea Market. The more articles you want to register, the sooner you have to register with us. The following staggering applies.


  • 1 December 2021 – start of the registration
  • until 18 December 2021 – you can register 100 articles
  • until 1 January 2022 – you can register a maximum of 60 articles yet
  • until 8 January 2022 – you can register a maximum of 30 articles yet
  • until 15 January 2022 – you can register a maximum of 10 articles yet
  • 16 – 22 January 2022 – answer questions
    • During this time, we will still answer questions, but will no longer accept new registrations. Anything that has not been clarified by 22 January 2021 will not be taken into the shop. Please check your e-mail inboxes regularly, especially during this time.
    • Important! – We make no exceptions. Everything like: “Yes, but it’s only one thing” or “I couldn’t take care of it earlier”, we will answer with no. It is enormously important for our organization that you hold up the deadlines.


During the period from January 23 – 27, 2022 you will receive an e-mail from us, in which we will inquire again to be on the safe side, whether your registered articles are still for sale or whether we should take one or more articles out of the shop. Only if you send a final confirmation here, we will unlock your belongings for the online shop.



More than one item

This point is particularly relevant for the artists among you, but also is valid in general to all sellers: The limit of 100 articles means that you can register a maximum of 100 different items for the online store. For the number of pieces particular items, however, you can specify any number.


Examples – That’s how we count.

1x “One Piece” volume 1 + 1x “Yu-Gi-Oh!” volume 33 + 1x “Naruto” volume 18 = 3 articles

5x “Yu-Gi-Oh!” volume 33 + 2x “Seven Deadly Sins” volume 15 = 2 articles



Give us information

If you want to register an article with us, the following things will be queried.

  • name of the article
  • What is it? – manga, blu-ray, cuddly toy, cosplay, household stuff, etc.
  • sale price
  • Where is the article? – indication of the country is mandatory, indication of the city optional
  • possible payment methods – remittance, paypal, in cash at collection, etc.
  • mail-order firms with which you send -DHL, Hermes, Fedex, etc.
  • forwarding costs
  • if applicable – at blu-rays, DVDs, manga, etc.



Dispatch yes – but whither?

You decide for yourself which countries you want to sell your articles to. Whether Germany, Sweden, Ecuador or Japan – anything of this is possible. For this you only have to give us the corresponding countries, so that we can write them in the respective articles.

Our shop system is designed to automatically display the forwarding prices during an order transaction. That is why we must have them called by you beforehand. However, we make a restriction here, as it would be too much work for us to incorporate them into our system for each seller individually and for each individual country.

  • Germany, Austria & Switzerland – The forwarding costs have to always be stated by you.
  • EU-wide* & worldwide – We always write “forwarding cost on request”.
  • single countries* – If there are explicitly particular countries, a maximum of three, to which you would like to sell, we also explicitly deposit the forwarding costs for them.


*Particularity: EU-wide

Some mail-order firms offer an EU-wide uniform forwarding costs, some do not. Also, there are some difficulties in relation to some islands (Channel Islands or Canary Islands) to which some mail-order firms do not send at all or only at special prices. For this reason, we only offer our helpers to set a uniform forwarding costs for the EU. So first we can carefully test, if and in which extent we are able to handle this.



Only combined forwarding costs

With us in the online shop, combined forwarding costs are obligatory. You can specify a maximum of three different shipping prices.


An example:

At the registration you have specified the following three shipping prices.

    • 0,80 € – for all your buttons
    • 1,55 € – for all your mangas, DVDs and games
    • 5,00 € – for all your figures and cuddly toys

Now a person orders from you …

    • two mangas –> the resulting combined forwarding costs be in this case –> 1,55 €
    • a manga & a figure –> the resulting combined forwarding costs would be in this case –> 5,00 €



So it is always the highest shipping price resulting from an order. Please keep this concept in mind when setting your shipping prices.



German & English

If you only want to sell your belongings in German-speaking countries, it is suffices if you write the description of the article exclusively in German. But if you want to sell to other countries, you should also write a description in English.

If you don’t speak German, texts only written in English suffice. We provide the registration for the Anime Flea Market is provided in English in additional.



Description of the seller & contact

Every seller gets a little description of himself / herself / istself. There, your articles are linked and, as required, you can publish an image / logo, a description text and possibilities to contact you. In any case, an e-mail address has to be shown. So potential buyers have the possibility to ask you questions about your items published in the online shop.




Unfortunately, it often happens on the Internet that women (but also other people) are sexually or otherwise harassed. We will try to prevent this as far as we can. If there are comments in an order which are like: “Hey pretty, I’m looking forward to getting to know you”, “You look hot”, “I wish, I would get you with the cosplay in addition”, etc., we will cancel them automatically, don’t pass contact details and block the corresponding buyer for the entire online shop.

Independent of this, we will inform you about such events. However, we also will not pass any personal data to you.



Only the platform

Please keep in mind that we as the Anime Flea Market (team), we only provide the platform for the sale. If there are problems with buyers or other people, you have to clarify / settle this with those. We cannot support you in this case.