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Information for buyers




Only the platform

Please keep in mind that we as the Anime Flea Market (team), we only provide the platform for the sale. If there are problems with sellers or other people, you have to clarify / settle this with those. We cannot support you in this case.



If the Anime Flea Market is a seller of an article, then of course we are your contact for clarification.




If you like articles, add them to your cart and send the order. At that moment, the articles will deleted from our online shop, they are no longer visible and you will automatically receive an confirmation by e-mail. We, as Anime Flea Market team, also receive a notification of purchases. We will then check again whether all data of you as buyer is available (name, address, e-mail address, etc.) and if so, we forward this order to the seller/s. In addition, you will receive an e-mail from us in which we will list to you exactly from which seller you have bought what.

Then you wait until the seller/s also give you the bank details or the like by e-mail, so that you can transfer the money. As soon as your money arrives at the respective seller, the items will send and when they arrive at you, the process is finished.



Before you transfer money to a seller, let he/she give you the correct name and address. If there are problems, you know so concretely who you are dealing with and the person is not just an anonymous human from the Internet to you.


Warrenty claims (right of return)

The majority of our sellers are private individuals. Unlike commercial companies, they are not obliged to grant you warranty claims (as rights of return). But they may. If a seller does so or not, you can find out at the corresponding description of the seller which are linked in every description of an article.

Regardless, sellers are not allowed to lie, conceal damage and provide you with other false information. In such cases you may resist on a reverse or the like.



Description of the seller

Each seller has its own description here on the website. On them they introduce themselves briefly and there are also contact possibilities, by means of which you can contact the respective sellers and ask for further information about their articles.



Which country?

For each item, in the description is listed to which countries the seller sends the respective item. Therefore, please make sure when adding an article to your card that it actually which can be sent to you. Since we are an event from Germany, we also have mainly sellers from Germany and many ship their stuff only within the German national borders.



Forwarding costs

In our online shop you can find the forwarding costs of each article in the corresponding description of it.

All sellers offer combined forwarding costs. When ordering, the combined forwarding costs are calculated automatically by our system. So you don’t have to write to the sellers for that separately.




Unfortunately, it often happens on the Internet that women (but also other people) are sexually or otherwise harassed. We do not tolerate this in any way and we will try to prevent this as far as we can. If there are comments in an order which are like: “Hey pretty, I’m looking forward to getting to know you”, “You look hot”, “I wish, I would get you with the cosplay in addition”, etc., we will delete them automatically, don’t pass contact details and block the corresponding buyer for the entire online shop.

Independent of this, we will inform the sellers about such events. However, we also will not pass any personal data to you.