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Someone wants to work unpaid in his spare time? Anybody? … Okay, we know this is not the best advertising slogan and there aren’t many people which immediately say “Yeah, absolutely!” However that is the point: we need a few volunteers at the Anime Flea Market, who actively support us.


If you would like to be part of the next Anime Flea Market as a volunteer, simply write us an e-mail to Please keep in mind, however, that you must be at least 16 years old and be able to speak German and at least rudimentary English.

Please keep in mind that we do not accept new people into the team shortly before an event for planning reasons and sometimes we cannot respond to your requests.


Task areas

Division managers wanted


General information

We do not have a central organisation of the volunteers. Instead, we have our various teams, such as the team for the sellers with a stand, the Bring&Buy team or our social media team. Each of them has a division manager and he/she is then also the contact person for the volunteers under his/her control. The teams work quite independently of each other.Our folks from the games area, for example, meet in front of the anime flea market to learn the rules of the games we offer. The volunteers of Bring&Buy and the auction, on the other hand, deal with our GTC so that they can answer your questions on site. That’s why we’re starting to look for helpers right now, because we need to be able to train you.
A few months before the Anime Flea Market, our division managers make a preliminary meeting. There, they exchange ideas about what their respective teams have planned and they think about how they coordinate the individual things.

An important aspect is also your operating time as a volunteer. We consult with all of you. You will then receive a fixed operation schedule several weeks before the flea market. Of course, it also includes time slots in which you can look around the Anime Flea arket yourself. In addition, it is common for us to help with either the assembly or dismantling, but not both.



We communicate internally mainly via a Discord server. Therefore, it is necessary that you have a Discord account and then be willing to have a look there regularly. If it takes a few days for you to respond, that’s no problem. However, if it takes three or four weeks for you to respond to messages, then yes.

“But you can contact me this way and that.” – Simply no. We don’t have the time and the desire to run after single persons. With Discord, there is a central platform through which we communicate, share all information and coordinate ourselves.



  • sell items at Bring&Buy and auction for free
  • eat and drink for free and without a limit in the Rainbow Cake
  • free Bento as lunch
  • a pink headband for helpers as a distinctive mark
  • a little gift
  • on request we issue (the Nishi Trade e. V. = German registered association) certificates of the volunteering