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Crêpes menu



A special highlight of our café are the crêpes.


Your crêpes

Re:One ~~~ crêpe with on ingredient of choice


Triforce ~~~ crêpe with three ingredients of choice


Five Flavour Soldier ~~~ crêpe with five ingredients of choice



Our crêpes

Wedding Peachy ~~~ peach, cream, caramel sauce, sugar sprinkles


No Peach no Life ~~~ peach, cream, strawberry sauce, grated chocolate


Hikaru no Mango ~~~ mango, cream, caramel sauce, hazelnut brittle


My Hero Vanillia ~~~ mango, cream, vanilla sauce, edible paper


Tales of Banana ~~~ banana, cream, chocolate sauce


Fruit Wars! ~~~ cherries, banana, kiwi, cream, strawberry sauce


Samurai Cherry ~~~ cherries, cream, chocolate sauce, hazelnut brittle


Yu-Kiwi-Oh! ~~~ kiwi, cream, caramel sauce


Amagi Brilliant Popcorn ~~~ kiwi, cream, chocolate sauce, popcorn


Attack on Pomegranate ~~~ pomegranate, cream, chocolate sauce


Neon Ananas Evangelion ~~~ pineapple, cream, strawberry sauce


Popcorn Pass ~~ pineapple, pomegranat, cream, caramell sauce, popcorn


Fulldattel Alchemist ~~~ dates, cream, vanilla sauce, grated chocolate