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Division managers wanted



Would you like to support us as a division manager at the next Anime Flea Market, simply write us an e-mail to .


Currently, we are looking for division managers for:

  • information / stands
  • controllers
  • “jumpers”
  • website


Whether you’ve done something like that before is less important to us. You are initially also familiarize with the work by others and get support. In any case, it is important that you are at least 18 years old and you must be able to speak German and at least rudimentary English.

At this point, we have described the relevant task areas in more detail. In the following we list the things that we basically expect from each area manager, in addition.


If you don’t do your tasks, the area goes under. We don’t want individual people to overwork themselves because they have to take on the tasks of others perpetually. In addition, something like this always causes conflicts and it throws in disorder the entire schedule and the organization if something is not done as agreed.


The main task of a division manager is to communicate. You communicate with the helpers of your task area and with the other division managers. You are an interface of information. If you learn about a relevant thing, you must always consider which people should still know about it and then contact them independently. Only respond to questions, is not enough.


You bear the sole responsibility for your task area. If there is a problem, you have to find a solution. If you want to implement a new concept, it is your job to think about how. You are kind of your own boss and that requires some discipline and personal responsibility.


Strong nerves
Whether there’s a misunderstanding, you enforce our internal rules, or make a decision that someone doesn’t like: you will find yourself in situations, in which you are criticized or you have to deal with conflicts. Even if these are mostly things that can be clarified quickly and easily, it is strenuous and not everyone can handle this.

We hope that we have been able to present well what we expect from a division manager. As such, you have more influence on the Anime Flea Market than a helper, but there are also more duties.


Would you like to support us as a division manager at the Anime Flea Market 2021, simply write us an e-mail to Please keep in mind, however, that you must be able to speak German and at least rudimentary English.