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Task areas



If you would like to support us on the next Anime Flea Market as a volunteer, simply write us an e-mail to Please keep in mind, however, that you must be at least 16 years old and be able to speak German and at least rudimentary English.


We are looking for volunteers for the following these task areas.


The information & the stands

The information, the cloakroom and the registration of the sellers with an own stand are one task area for us. The volunteers of the information stand regulate the entrance of the sellers, they control the stand tickets and lead them all to their respective stands. In order to be able to react quickly and well to any difficulties, our people, who have worked on the online registrations in advance, are also appointed as volunteers there.During the flea market itself, our volunteers at the information have to give visitors information about all sorts of things. For this, it is important that they have familiarized themselves with all the rules in advance and know everything about the individual areas and activites. All the information is sent to them a few weeks before the Anime Flea Market, so that they have time to look at everything and read through it all. So possible unanswered questions can also be clarified.The information also conduce as a cloakroom for us and therefore it is one of the tasks to receive the clothes and luggage of the visitors and to take care of them, too.

The division manager of this scope is also the person who regulates and organises the assembly the dismantling of the stands. He/She has all the information about the sellers with an own and he/she is also the very first to enter the building of the Anime Flea Market early in the morning.



Controllers have the task of ensuring compliance with the rules. For example, emergency exits may not be used as entrances, animals are not allowed to enter the building (except for service animals) and there is also a ban on alcohol.We have had the experience that most people react very understanding when you request them for something. However, there are sometimes exceptions. Therefore, as controllers we are looking for people who remain friendly even in strenuous situations, but can still prevail.



Jumpers are helpers who are spontaneously deployed where there is an unforeseen need arises. If there is suddenly a lot going on in an area, they spontaneously help out there. It can also happen that we call you the day before the Anime Flea Market and tell you that someone has gotten sick and you should step in for him. In this case, you need to take a look at the volunteers’ plan. There you look at what the person was all scheduled and that’s what your tasks will be.We also do not plan to include jumpers in the assembly or dismantling. So it may well happen that these helpers will have nothing to do. As jumpers, we are looking for people for whose these two extremes are acceptable.The division manager here has to accomplish the difficulty to provide jumpers with the necessary knowledge for each task area. They definitly need to be prepared for several tasks, but not all of them at the same time. This has to be divided among the jumpers.



Our website also needs to be technically maintained. Our helpers implement, among other things, the stand registration and the automatically generated seller numbers for the Bring&Buy. They also work on the layout and optimize the usability. We are therefore looking for volunteers who are familiar with the scripting language PHP and the creation of databases.In addition, reliability and willingness to communicate are extremely important. If you want to insert a function on the website, the details must be clarified with the appropriate people and others from the team must be able to contact you by e-mail and, if necessary, by phone. We also expect our website helpers to give status updates by themselves on their work and feedback in general.



Our volunteers at Bring&Buy sell their belongings for our visitors. They accept and check the items for sale and the registration forms. They take the items for sale and place them on the vending table and at the end of the day they hand over their sales proceeds and unsold items to the relevant persons.Several weeks before the registration forms with the GTC appear on our website, our helpers at the Bring&Buy already receive them and have to read them through. Only in this way they are able to check and get our rules through at the Anime Flea Market. We also expect them to be good at mental arithmetic, so that they can quickly calculate prices and give customers the right change.


Gaming area – No more volunteers needed.

In our gaming area, our helpers explain to the visitors how the individual Japanese board and card games we provide at the Anime Flea Market work and they even play with them. Among others, we offer the TCGs Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon and have also created special beginner decks to explain the games well to newcomers. We are also trying to include more games from Japan in our assortment, which are less well known over here, such as Koi Koi oder Machi Koro.The volunteers of the gaming area meet a few times throughout the year to learn the games. As a rule, those who have been with us for a long time can explain and play all the ones we offer. On the other hand, new helpers are always assigned very few games so it doesn’t become to much for them.


Rainbow Cake ~ Maid- & Butler Café

The Rainbow Cake, our Maid and Butler café, is also looking for active support. For this purpose, we are especially looking for people who are very fast and can handle hustle and bustle in general well. Most of the items on the menu are freshly prepared on site, such as our crepes or our coffee creations, and we always have a very large crowd of people in the café. You have to be able to keep track of this and focus on your tasks.Our Maids and Butler meet several times before the Anime Flea Market for a rehearsal of the cooking. At these meetings new recipes will be tested and you also learn the different methods of preparation of the dishes. Similar to the gaming area, all people will never have to be able to do anything here and instead we will distribute exactly who is responsible for what.For the Rainbow Cake there are clear specifications for the outfits. Here you also have the choice whether you want to prepare your own outfit within the bounds of these specifications or get one of ours which we provide for free. You also need a certificate of instruction of the infection protection law from the German health department (German: “Belehrung nach dem Infektionsschutzgesetz”). If you don’t have such a certificate, we’ll help you get it.



We regularly post on our social media channels, our website sometimes has to be filled with new texts and occasionally we also use analogue advertising opportunities. Therefore, we are currently looking for new copywriters. It is important for us that you work conscientiously, are reliable and easy to contact, so that we can coordinate as a team and distribute the incurred tasks. Then, of course, there is a presupposition that you can formulate interesting texts and have a very good orthography.As a peculiarity, you always have to translate all texts into English, too. In order to avoid discrepancy, the translations should always be as accurate as possible. Please don’t be deterred by this! Our experience is that the biggest challenge here is the own insecurity. You also get support from the other copywriters.Please also keep in mind that you can only formulate advertising texts for the Anime Flea Market if you know the event. Accordingly, you will have to work into many topics at the beginning.


Graphic designer

Whether for our social media channels, our flyers or posters on the Anime Flea Market – we have to create some pictures every year. As a reinforcement for our team, we are looking for another graphic designer. Reliability and willingness to communicate are also important for us.We are specifically looking for someone who already has experience and is not a newcomer. This means that you should have worked with image editing programs and created graphics such as logos, flyers, header images or the like before. Therefore, please let us also receive samples of your work so that we can assess whether our expectations match with each other.


Event group

In 2020, there was a scavenger hunt at the Anime Flea Market for the first time. In the future, we would like to organize even more such small, interactive activities. That is why we currently are make up a working group, which organises such actions, and we also need more helpers for this.


“I have an own idea”

In addition, we are also generally always interested in new ideas. If you have a concept, which you always wanted to implement at an anime/manga event, feel free to contact us. We’ll talk about it together, check the possibility of finding finance and see if your ideas could be implemented on the Anime Flea Market.