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Registration Bring&Buy



You’ve only got a DVD or a manga series, which you want to sell? No problem! Hand over the items for sale to our Bring&Buy and we sell it for you.




Per person you may offer a maximum of 15 articles at the Anime Flea Market for sale and you must be at least seven years old. However, if you are under the age of 16, we need an additional declaration of consent from your parents. The background of this are data protection reasons. Your articles have to be labeled in advance with the sales price and your seller number.


Registration form

Power of attorney

Under 16-year-olds: Parental consent



Seller numbers

If you click on the button, you will automatically get a number generated. You can then use these for the auction, the Bring&Buy and also for the Bring&Buy on the MMC Respawned 2023.




MMC Respawned 2023

This year, our team will also organize the Bring&Buy at MMC Respawned 2023, which will be held in the same location on the two days following the Anime Flea Market 2023. Two important things about this:

  • Same seller numbers
    • You can use the same seller numbers for both events. It doesn’t matter if you get the number from our website or from MMC’s.