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Anime Flea Market 2018



In Berlin-Mitte (“middle”) the third Anime Flea Market took place on the February 3rd, 2019.






Third Anime Flea Market, third location. In order to be able to offer more booths again and to make our Maid & Butler Café, the Rainbow Cake, more comfortable, we have once more sought another venue for our Flea Market. In addition, we had for the first time printed flyers for our event, which we inter alia put in place in various anime manga shops. The advertising was worthwhile and we were able to record a new attendance record. Furthermore, we had set a lot more on bilingualism for the first time. Postings in German and English on our social media channels, the signposts at the venue and also our menus were now existing in both languages. In fact, we also received a few English registrations at the Bring&Buy.